About Us

Stuart Pridgeon
Owner (DeltaWest)
Stuart is the owner of Deltawest Training in Western Australia and also part owner of FreshAir Enterprise.
Paul Hetmanska
Operations Manager/ Trainer/ Owner
Paul has been working in the training industry for the past 15 years after completing his Bachelor of Further Education and Training.

Paul has since completed a wide range of certificates enabeling him to become a sought aifter trainer due to his extensive portfolio.

Paul goes the exrta mile when training your staff as he does it to how the company would benefit most; whilst following the Australian standard of training.

Paul has a background in retail, transport and logistics, mechanics, mining, construction, manufacturing and eduation giving him a range of areas to draw upon during training to help students get the most out of their training.

Dedication to Safety at work along with encouraging skill development and knowledge retainment and growth is why Paul does this job.

Malcolm Burgin
Malcolm has been involved in WHS for the last 18 years and over the last 10 years, built his company OccSafe Australia, known for training and consultancy work. Malcolm has been a main driver in the creation of FreshAir Enterprise.

Malcolm is passionate about workplace health and safety and is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all. He has experience in a wide range of safety related fields ranging from farm safety, quarrying and mining, construction, logistics and warehousing, auditing, local government, compliance and enforcement of State and Federal Legislation.

Most recently he has been involved in the implementation and training of New Zealand companies in relation to asbestos safety and the training of New Zealanders in the importance of risks of asbestos.

Lindsey Gould
Office Administrator
Lindsey has recently joined the FreshAir and OccSafe Australia Team as office administrator. Her days are spent in the office managing behind the scenes and supporting the team with administrative tasks.

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